Helping Seniors Care For Dentures

Super dents

Caring for your dentures is fairly easy. To prolong the life and fit of your dentures, simply:

Handle the dentures with care. Dropping dentures to the floor accidentally causes substantial damage. They will be slippery when you handle them, so always have a soft towel or full sink of water underneath, just in case.

According to Dentures Las Vegas you should brush and rinse your dentures like regular teeth. Food and plaque build up in your dentures just like natural teeth. Use a soft-bristled brush and gently brush every inch of your dentures.


Don’t use hard-bristled toothbrushes – they can damage your dentures. Also, be sure to rinse your dentures after every meal.

Use a cleaner to clean your dentures regularly. Use hand soap or a mild dish washing liquid to clean your dentures regularly. You can also use ultrasonic cleaners, which combine the power of sound waves with a cleaning solution to dislodge all undesirable food deposits.


Keep your dentures moist if you’re not wearing them. If your dentures dry out, they may lose their shape or receive other damage. Never place your dentures in hot water.

Typically, it’s best to use a dental cleanser soaking solution or water, but if your dentures have metal attachments, a dental soaking solution could tarnish them.

The Evolution Of Chat Apps – A Visit Stonewall Overview


With the current evolution in the world of technology,chat apps have cropped up as the latest kids in the block to facilitate communication.

As opposed to the normal messaging platforms that uses service networks,this apps are reliant mostly on the internet and have come up as important technology for global communication.

In addition to the sending of actual worded messages, chat apps have brought an in cooperation that facilitate sending of multimedia such as photos,audios and videos.

This bring the chat apps up the ladder as opposed to the normal messaging criteria s.

With a the birth of different developers and researchers there are many chat apps that people use to connect in the world, Key among them are whats app,snap chat,We chat ,KIK and Moco, Chat, Meet People among others.

Chat apps are quick and efficient channels to pass messages as they send messages even to very long distance .With additional features such as emojis, chat apps are an interesting platform to pass messages as they make chatting interesting.

It is important to keep a breast of the technological evolution in order to know whats trending in the current world.

5 Nifty Tips To Stop Blushing


Ok, I admit it….I blush!

It’s a problem for me and has been since as far back as I can remember!

It happens pretty much all the time – at work, when i do something silly and always on first dates, especially if I’m really attracted to my date.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a little research on the topic, and can share with you 5 nifty tips on how to stop blushing….

1. The whole point about blushing is that you feel you are drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.So, just actually acknowledge that you are blushing. Slowly but surely you will notice how your face goes red less often;

2. Blushing is an unconscious action – you do not tell your body to blush. Like hiccups or blinking, it is something over which you have no control – so there is no need to feel guilty about it or go red in the face;

3. Now, start using some positive thinking principles: imagine your feet being warmed up next to a fire when you feel you are starting to blush in your face. Concentrate on your feet, or hands – and this will transfer the heat to your feet.

4. If you normally blush during a speech at school, mentally prepare yourself by telling yourself you are able to talk in public without being nervous or blushing – and, hey presto – it will not happen – train your brain.

5. More conscious and unconscious mind talk – go back to all the times you can remember going red in the face – think about the situation – tell yourself that what happened then was 100% A-


Okay and that you did not blush at all – you will eventually train your mind to replace those memories with new ones of no red face episodes.

As always share your thoughts below…

The Truth About Addiction

There are many myths which persist about alcohol addiction and alcohol rehab.

We spoke to Jeremy from the House of Recovery to correct some of those myths and give an insight into this horrible illness

Myth: Addicts choose to become addicted

Most people begin using drugs or alcohol in moderation. While this is their choice, addiction is usually something which creeps up. They then become compelled, dependent and addicted. In many cases, the reaction is an involuntary physical one. Although many people choose to drink, things can spiral out of their control.

Myth: Alcoholics are immoral people

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol sometimes do bad things, but this does not make them fundamentally wrong people. In many cases, being addicted to alcohol can have a physical impact on the body and the brain and can cause changes in people’s moods, thought processes and behavior. Thankfully many of these changes can be halted or reversed through stopping drinking – alcohol rehab can help with this.

Myth: The same alcohol treatment is right for everyone

The most successful alcohol rehab programs are carefully based on the needs of the individual, taking into account their history, circumstances, and personality. Differing people have different issues, reasons for their alcoholism and different triggers – tailored alcohol rehab can work with this to help you stop drinking.

Myth: Alcoholics should just stop drinking

Stopping drinking is not about willpower, and often physical cravings are too strong. Often alcoholics can only stop drinking with the help of rehab, detox, and treatment.


Myth: Alcohol rehab doesn’t work

For many people, alcohol rehab helps them to finally break the cycle for good. Even if treatment doesn’t work the first time, this does not mean it never will. The most effective treatment is often residential for a good stint of time, but fast-track plans can be successful. Often a combination of physical detox, time away from day-to-day life and therapy are needed to make a go of sobriety.

Myth: After relapse, there is no hope

Alcoholism is a severe disease and often there will be relapses and bumps in the road on the way to sobriety. However, those who are serious about quitting drinking can use a relapse as a learning and strengthening experience, and to help them pinpoint what their triggers might be in future.

brain image

There are many myths about alcoholism, but they should not put you off seeking help and alcohol rehab. If you have doubts and concerns, talk about them openly to your GP or the alcohol rehab center staff themselves. They will be only too happy, to be honest with you.

It’s Been A Nightmare!! My Boiler Broke!!

broken boiler

I’m going to try and not make this post a huge rant!

A couple of weeks ago my trusted 14 year old boiler finally saw it last days. I couldn’t have broken at a worse time – bank holiday weekend and we had all our relatives to stay!

Before I go into describing how we coped I want to say a very special thank you to plumber canberra. They went above and beyond replacing it, dedicating some of their own bank holiday weekend time to help me.

One good thing about living in Australia is the weather is never particularly cold, unfortunately for myself and our extended family, the bank holiday weekend was one of the coldest Australia has seen for a decade. We needed to keep warm and here is how we did it without a boiler!


Wear More Clothes

Yes I know it’s not particularly comfortable to lounge around wearing half your wardrobe – but if needs must wear two of everything!

Draw The Curtains 

It felt a little seedy sitting in the front room in the middle of the day with the curtains closed, but it acted as an extra insulation layer to the windows.

Hot Water Bottle & Electric Blankets

These are your friends during a boiler crisis. We all laughed and joked as we passed each other on the landing, clutching our hot water bottles!

Oil Filled Radiators & Fan Heaters

Fan heaters can be very expensive to run, but again this is an emergency and you have to heat your home the best way you can.

broken boiler

Your Shower Is More Than Likely Electric

My nephew James, who is 13 and doesn’t particularly like showering seemed almost upset when he realized the shower was still going to work and he would have to use it. More often  than not you will have an electric shower installed, which doesn’t rely on the boiler and means at least everyone can stay clean & fresh.

For washing up etc, we simply boiled kettles – not ideal but needs must!

I hope my semi rant has provided some decent advice for those reading this post in a time of crisis. It would be great if you left additional suggestions and advice in the comments section.

Story Of Peter – Against All Odds

peter against all odds

Just as the common adage goes, life does not throw at you what you cannot handle. This is what I thought about while watching Peter’s story on TV.

Peter, not his real name has managed to scale the heights that many people may not for the rest of their lives. A total orphan, Peter got a double tragedy when he was run over by a train while heading to school. This tragic incidence left him with no hands and one foot.

According to doctors, his hands were severely smashed beyond repair that’s why they had to be amputated.

This tragic accident occurred when Peter was in grade three. In such circumstances, most people often despair knowing that life without the limbs and being an orphan would be unbearable. However, this was not the case with peter.

After the accident, his elder brother, who was already in school, got wind of the news and immediately rushed to the accident scene. With the crowd gathering, at a first glance, he saw his brother’s seemingly lifeless body lying on the rails. Using his wits, he gathered courage and collected what remained of his brother and rushed him to the hospital.

Hospital records indicate that he lost so much blood that he hard to be put on blood transfusion before the delicate process of repairing his body could be done. After spending over 1 year in the hospital, Peter was healed albeit minus his hands and 1 leg.

For some time, he stayed at home feeling depressed and confused thinking that it’s the end of life given that he is also a total orphan. Lady luck smiled upon him after spending 3 months at home when a Good Samaritan offered to take him through school. But, first he had to learn how to use his only leg to do most basic things including writing in schools.

Peter went against all odds, working extra hard knowing that he does not have any limbs. He passed lower primary school well and went through high school. As if the accident was a blessing in disguise he passed high school and qualified to join the university where he was admitted to study Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Although he had a few challenges overall, things went on smoothly and he graduated with first class honors. Getting a job was hard, but nothing could stand in his way especially after overcoming all the previous challenges.

As I write this, Peter is a computer information technologist with a big firm earning a lot of money and supporting his siblings. He went against all odds to become successful in life. Apart from me, Peter is an inspiration to many people including the ones who are blessed with both limbs. Surely, life has second chances and disability is not inability.