Struggling With Debt My Story

debt advice

Moving out to the city after graduation had to be the most interesting thing in my life. Little did I know how this choice was going to be the start of an array of debts that a person at my age by then should not have been in.

The joy and pride that comes with moving out of your parents home to your own had covered my sight on what would soon be expected of me.

For me, living in the city would provide better opportunities and in a few years, I would be driving my dream car and dinning with Fortune 500 company members.

A few months down the road, trouble started setting in. The best job I had managed to secure so far wasn’t even close to my career path and the pay was so little that I had to cut down on my meals to be able to pay my rent. Soon, the bills kept coming in and with every increase on levy charges, I found myself either losing a service somewhere or not being able to get a new one and before long, I had to use an extension cable to get electricity from my neighbor at a lower fee since I was disconnected.

Things went bad at work and staff salary was reduced and that meant I couldn’t pay for rent.

At this point, I had accumulated enough debt from friends and family and worst of all financial institutions. Borrowing from one person to pay another was my trick for a while but soon I realized I had to fix things.

Speaking to Robert J Semrad Jr & Associates was one of the best things I did, they provided me with some solid financial advice which included ways I could supplement my income.

I had concluded that my job wouldn’t cut it anymore and I delved into the world of freelance working online. I signed up on several platforms and hoped to get my bids accepted and before long, I was working on projects and soon the cash I got from it was twice as much as what I got from work and I had to quit my job to focus more on freelance work.

freelance working

Within a short while, I was able to pay off all my debts and could get basic services and pay for them with ease. With little steps and small investments, I was able to keep my income steady enough to support me for a few months even without working and with that, I have peace within me for a while now.