Carpet Cleaning 101 – Removing Tough Stubborn Stains


A clean carpet is very vital to having a clean home.

Often times we not want to employ the service of a professional cleaning company like Watford carpet cleaning

However, this does not mean our homes should have a dirty or untidy carpets. There are five commonly used carpet cleaning methods, the preference over one method is simply a matter of choice.

1. The hot water extraction method, a hot detergent solution is sprayed on the carpet in sections and vacuumed off immediately. The solution has to be cleaned off fast to prevent it soaking through the carpet into the padding. Where this happens, the carpet can grow mold or attract dirt or dust on it. This method is ideal for deep cleaning.

2. The dry extraction method, a special machine is used with a powered detergent designed for this purpose to brush the carpet. Since a little amount of water is required, the carpet dries out faster. It is also best for area that has a high influx of movement or heavily soiled areas.


3. Foam extraction method, foam is sprayed on the carpet and vacuumed immediately while the carpet is still wet. This method is appropriate for water sensitive carpets because the solution is about 90% air and 10% water.

4. Shampoo extraction method, a carpet cleaning solution is sprayed and the solution is worked into the carpet with a rotary brush machine.

This can be left for a while to dry up before cleaning with a vacuum to extract the dirt. Too much water should be avoid when mixing the solution to avoid odor or shrinkage on the carpet.


5. The bonnet method, the cleaning chemicals are sprinkled on the carpet and left for a while for the dirt to be brought out to the top. An osculating machine is then used to vacuum the dirt off. This is appropriate for commercial areas with a high volume of traffic.

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