The Evolution Of Chat Apps – A Visit Stonewall Overview


With the current evolution in the world of technology,chat apps have cropped up as the latest kids in the block to facilitate communication.

As opposed to the normal messaging platforms that uses service networks,this apps are reliant mostly on the internet and have come up as important technology for global communication.

In addition to the sending of actual worded messages, chat apps have brought an in cooperation that facilitate sending of multimedia such as photos,audios and videos.

This bring the chat apps up the ladder as opposed to the normal messaging criteria s.

With a the birth of different developers and researchers there are many chat apps that people use to connect in the world, Key among them are whats app,snap chat,We chat ,KIK and Moco, Chat, Meet People among others.

Chat apps are quick and efficient channels to pass messages as they send messages even to very long distance .With additional features such as emojis, chat apps are an interesting platform to pass messages as they make chatting interesting.

It is important to keep a breast of the technological evolution in order to know whats trending in the current world.

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