Top 10 Tips For A Holiday In Spain


Sorry I haven’t been around for a while it’s been a hectic few months. New job, new car and a well deserved break in Spain.

We traveled just after the busy season and it was perfect. Amazing hotel which you can try here, food, drink (lots) and some amazing sun.

In this article I wanted to share my top 10 tips for traveling to Spain!

1. Choose a list of places to visit while you are in Spain if you are looking for fun

2. Know the best times of the year to visit depending on your budget

3. Book your hotel in advance if you want to get good deals

4. Get your visa in advance before traveling to avoid inconvenience of processing time

5. Know what to pack before leaving your country

6. Learn some simple Spanish to interact with the locals

7. Know the cost of living in Spain to help you plan your budget well

8. Know the towns to stay while in Spain

9. Learn on how to find internet in Spain to help you stay connected

10. Choose a tour guide in advance before traveling to Spain to take you around the cities

Some Travel Snaps To Finish…….




Would be great to hear from you guys (and gals) anyone get anything they would like to add? Comment below:

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