5 Nifty Tips To Stop Blushing


Ok, I admit it….I blush!

It’s a problem for me and has been since as far back as I can remember!

It happens pretty much all the time – at work, when i do something silly and always on first dates, especially if I’m really attracted to my date.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a little research on the topic, and can share with you 5 nifty tips on how to stop blushing….

1. The whole point about blushing is that you feel you are drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.So, just actually acknowledge that you are blushing. Slowly but surely you will notice how your face goes red less often;

2. Blushing is an unconscious action – you do not tell your body to blush. Like hiccups or blinking, it is something over which you have no control – so there is no need to feel guilty about it or go red in the face;

3. Now, start using some positive thinking principles: imagine your feet being warmed up next to a fire when you feel you are starting to blush in your face. Concentrate on your feet, or hands – and this will transfer the heat to your feet.

4. If you normally blush during a speech at school, mentally prepare yourself by telling yourself you are able to talk in public without being nervous or blushing – and, hey presto – it will not happen – train your brain.

5. More conscious and unconscious mind talk – go back to all the times you can remember going red in the face – think about the situation – tell yourself that what happened then was 100% A-


Okay and that you did not blush at all – you will eventually train your mind to replace those memories with new ones of no red face episodes.

As always share your thoughts below…

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