It’s Been A Nightmare!! My Boiler Broke!!

broken boiler

I’m going to try and not make this post a huge rant!

A couple of weeks ago my trusted 14 year old boiler finally saw it last days. I couldn’t have broken at a worse time – bank holiday weekend and we had all our relatives to stay!

Before I go into describing how we coped I want to say a very special thank you to plumber canberra. They went above and beyond replacing it, dedicating some of their own bank holiday weekend time to help me.

One good thing about living in Australia is the weather is never particularly cold, unfortunately for myself and our extended family, the bank holiday weekend was one of the coldest Australia has seen for a decade. We needed to keep warm and here is how we did it without a boiler!


Wear More Clothes

Yes I know it’s not particularly comfortable to lounge around wearing half your wardrobe – but if needs must wear two of everything!

Draw The Curtains 

It felt a little seedy sitting in the front room in the middle of the day with the curtains closed, but it acted as an extra insulation layer to the windows.

Hot Water Bottle & Electric Blankets

These are your friends during a boiler crisis. We all laughed and joked as we passed each other on the landing, clutching our hot water bottles!

Oil Filled Radiators & Fan Heaters

Fan heaters can be very expensive to run, but again this is an emergency and you have to heat your home the best way you can.

broken boiler

Your Shower Is More Than Likely Electric

My nephew James, who is 13 and doesn’t particularly like showering seemed almost upset when he realized the shower was still going to work and he would have to use it. More often  than not you will have an electric shower installed, which doesn’t rely on the boiler and means at least everyone can stay clean & fresh.

For washing up etc, we simply boiled kettles – not ideal but needs must!

I hope my semi rant has provided some decent advice for those reading this post in a time of crisis. It would be great if you left additional suggestions and advice in the comments section.

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