How I Increased My Leaflet Distribution Response Rates

leaflet distribution

I get asked a lot about the various marketing techniques I use for my businesses. As you can probably guess I’m a big fan of online marketing techniques which I speak about a lot. What’s not always as clear is that I’m also a huge fan of the more traditional offline techniques and am thankful for the success it has brought me.

In this guide I wanted to share some expert advice for increasing leaflet distribution response rates. It’s not difficult but something anyone looking to promote their business this way should know.

Before we get started their a few things you need to know:

Not all campaigns are created equal, meaning some fliers will always receive high response rates than others. Here are several tips that can help increase the response rates of your flier distribution campaign.


1.Target the Right industry

Fliers targeted towards the retail sector garner the most response rates.Other industries with equally good response rates include: restaurants, FMCG products, and local business.

2. Established brands have an edge

Establish brands have and edge compared to newer brands, when it comes to flier response rates.

3. Lead Conversion

A sofa business does not need to convert as many leads as a pizza business in order to be profitable.

4. Any business can Join

Any business, new or established can successfully use leaflet distribution as a marketing method.


5. Create A Marketing Campaign

A campaign based approach has better response rates than a single marketing effort.

6. Improve Design

Flier with superior design perform better in terms of response rates from customers.

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