Story Of Peter – Against All Odds

peter against all odds

Just as the common adage goes, life does not throw at you what you cannot handle. This is what I thought about while watching Peter’s story on TV.

Peter, not his real name has managed to scale the heights that many people may not for the rest of their lives. A total orphan, Peter got a double tragedy when he was run over by a train while heading to school. This tragic incidence left him with no hands and one foot.

According to doctors, his hands were severely smashed beyond repair that’s why they had to be amputated.

This tragic accident occurred when Peter was in grade three. In such circumstances, most people often despair knowing that life without the limbs and being an orphan would be unbearable. However, this was not the case with peter.

After the accident, his elder brother, who was already in school, got wind of the news and immediately rushed to the accident scene. With the crowd gathering, at a first glance, he saw his brother’s seemingly lifeless body lying on the rails. Using his wits, he gathered courage and collected what remained of his brother and rushed him to the hospital.

Hospital records indicate that he lost so much blood that he hard to be put on blood transfusion before the delicate process of repairing his body could be done. After spending over 1 year in the hospital, Peter was healed albeit minus his hands and 1 leg.

For some time, he stayed at home feeling depressed and confused thinking that it’s the end of life given that he is also a total orphan. Lady luck smiled upon him after spending 3 months at home when a Good Samaritan offered to take him through school. But, first he had to learn how to use his only leg to do most basic things including writing in schools.

Peter went against all odds, working extra hard knowing that he does not have any limbs. He passed lower primary school well and went through high school. As if the accident was a blessing in disguise he passed high school and qualified to join the university where he was admitted to study Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Although he had a few challenges overall, things went on smoothly and he graduated with first class honors. Getting a job was hard, but nothing could stand in his way especially after overcoming all the previous challenges.

As I write this, Peter is a computer information technologist with a big firm earning a lot of money and supporting his siblings. He went against all odds to become successful in life. Apart from me, Peter is an inspiration to many people including the ones who are blessed with both limbs. Surely, life has second chances and disability is not inability.

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